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Let It Shine: the American Civil Rights Movement

Dear BCSD Parents:
We are pleased to inform you that Bright Star Touring Theatre will be presenting a powerful live performance of Let It Shine:  the American Civil Rights Movement  in recognition of Black History month which was in February.  All parents and community members are welcome!  Please come to the theatre at BHS on March 14th from 6:30 - 7:15pm or so.  This is the same performance that our RMS and BHS students will see earlier that day.  
Our elementary students will see an engaging performance about the Underground Railroad by Bright Star Touring earlier that day as well.  They are welcome to attend the Let it Shine performance with their parents in the evening.  We are offering this opportunity through the BOCES Arts in Education Co-ser which helps to make programs like these more affordable to member districts.  See attached fliers for details.  Thank you.