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RMS Clubs

Rombout Middle School Clubs for 2021-2022

Art Club (Ms. Charter)

Chess Club (Ms. Sypher) 

Drama Club (Mr. Cunningham) 

Foreign Language (Ms. DeCandia)

Kaleidoscope Club (Ms Assumma)

Home & Careers Club (Ms. Conklin)  

Jazz Club (Mr. Rubinstein) 

Student Council (Ms. Benson & Ms. Tobin) 

Yearbook (Ms. Holliday) 

Environmental Club (Ms. Malin & Ms. Benson)

Pickle Ball (Mr. Joyce)

National Junior Honor Society (Ms. Paredes)



Club & Activity Information

Art Club

Art Club meets every other Wednesday right after school until 3:30 pm.  Next Meeting is October 20.


Kaleidoscope Club (school based GSA club)

Meeting will be in person on October 27 from 3:00 to 3:30 pm.


Jazz Band

Meets on Wednesdays after school in the band room.