• For information regarding student absence, early release or late arrival, please contact the attendance office:

    Cara Heaton

    Attendance Secretary


    838-6900 x3147


    Parents are requested to call the 24-hour Absentee Hotline at extension 3307 to report a student’s absence from school.  Students who are absent from school are required to submit to the Attendance Office upon their return to school an excuse (signed by their parent/guardian) stating their reason for their absence.  Any student who is absent from school for five or more consecutive days must submit, to the Attendance Office,  a doctor’s note stating the reason for  his/her absence.  This note must be submitted upon the student’s return to school, but not later than 48 hours.

    NEW YORK STATE recognizes the following as legal excuses:

    • Personal Illness                            

    • Quarantine

    • Critical illness/death in the family 

    • Impassable roads

    • Recognized religious holiday        

    • Approved school sponsored trips

    • Required court appearance        

    • Approved College Visits  

    • Medical appointments that cannot be made after school hours

    Excuses must contain the following information in order to be considered for approval:

    • Student’s first and last name        

    • Reason for absence/tardiness 

    • Parent/guardian signature            

    • Dates of absence/tardiness     

    Inexcusable or illegal absence:

    • Truancy                                                

    • Missing the school bus

    • Shopping                                         

    • Baby-sitting

    • Hunting and fishing                      

    • Vacation

    • Employment                                   

    • Car trouble or traffic delays

    • Oversleeping                                   

    • Family business