Notes from the Nurse’s Office

  • Physicals:  New York State Education Law requires a Health Appraisal (Physical Exam) to be provided for each new entrant, as well as for all students in grades Pre-K or K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11.  It is strongly encouraged that you child has this exam done by your private healthcare practitioner and then give your school nurse a copy of the exam.  If you are unable to take your child to their regular physician, the school can provide your child with a physical done by the school's MD or NP during the regular school day at sometime during the school year. 

    Medications: Nurses can only give students medication during school (including over the counter medications like Tylenol or Advil) if there is an order from your child's healthcare provider on file with the school nurse along with your signed consent.  This authorization needs to be completed annually.  It is your responsibility to provide the proper documentation, medication, and any medically necessary supplies to the school nurse.    

    Immunizations:  Immunizations are important to your child’s health. Please make sure your child is up-to-date with his/her immunizations and that you give the school nurse a copy of the immunization record each time a vaccine is given.  A chart of the required immunizations for each grade level is on the right for your reference.  

    Health Screenings: There are health screenings that are required at certain grade levels.  These include vision, hearing, and scoliosis screenings.  If you submit a health appraisal (physical exam) for your child and a required screening has not been documented, the school nurse will complete the screenings during school.  You will only be notified by the school nurse if the findings are abnormal.  Please refer to the chart on the right for the screenings that are required at each grade level.

    Student Weight Status Category Reporting: Every other year in January (even calendar years only) our district is required to report to the New York State Department of Health information about our students' BMI and weight status groups.  Only summary information is sent for grades Pre-K, K, 2, 4, 7, and 10 of the prior school year.  No student names or individual information is sent.  However, you may choose to have your child's information excluded from this survey report.  The form for exclusion must be submitted to your child's school nurse by January 10 and it is located on the right for your convenience. 

    When To Keep Your Child Home From School:  Fever (100 or higher).  Student may return to school after 24 hours of being fever free without taking fever reducing medications.  Vomiting or Diarrhea due to illness.  Student may return after 24 hours of no vomiting or diarrhea.  Strep Throat.  Student may return to school 24 hours after starting antibiotics and with a note from his/her healthcare provider.  Conjunctivitis (pink eye) if a bacterial infection is suspected the student should be seen by his/her healthcare provider.  If prescription eye drops are ordered, the student may return to school 24 hours after starting the drops and with a note from his/her healthcare provider.  Rashes with a fever.  Student may return to school with a note from his/her healthcare provider.  Rashes without a fever will be evaluated by the school nurse and she will notify the parent/guardian if the student needs to be picked up for a further evaluation by his/her healthcare provider.  Beacon CSD follows CDC and Local Health Guidance for any COVID-19 related cases, please refer to the  Local Health Department Website for the current guidance. When the parent/guardian thinks the student is too ill to be in school.  Student should return to school when he/she feels well enough to perform his/her school activities.  Please refer to the school's attendance policy regarding the notes that are necessary for legal absences.  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) as well as the CDC, Head Lice is no longer a recommended reason to keep a child out of school. If you think your child has lice we encourage you to follow up with your MD for treatment guidelines.        

    Sports:  The registration process, including medical clearance, for school sports will now be done completely online through Family ID (see the link on the left).  The following information will be needed to complete the process. 

    1. Health Appraisal (Physical Exam).  The physical must be done within one year from the month that the sport starts.  For example, a physical that was performed in March of 2022 is valid for sports that are beginning in March 2023.  This can be done with your private healthcare practitioner or by the school healthcare practitioner.  If it is done privately, a copy must be uploaded during the registration process or submitted directly to the school nurse.  If you would like the exam done at school, you must sign the consent form during the registration process or print it from the link on the right and submit it directly to the school nurse.   

    2. Health History.  This will be completed when you register your child for sports through the Family ID website.  It will need to be updated prior to the start of every season in which they plan on playing.

     Forms:  Please click on the links to the right for any forms you may need.

Contact Us

  • When calling the Nurses Office, please call the School District at (845)-838-6900 and when prompted please enter in the 4 digit extension as follows:

    Beacon High School: Sandy Grohosky, Clerk x3229 /Jacqueline Del Bene, RN  x3099

    Rombout Middle School: Debbie Plass, Health Clerk x4172 / Amber Klemann, RN x4133

    Glenham Elementary School: Aida Kuka, RN x5010 

    JVF Elementary School: Alta Clary, LPN x5610

    Sargent Elementary School: Carmela Walden, RN

    South Avenue Elementary School: Christine White, RN x5310

    District Nurse Manager: Hannah Aakjar, RN (845)-849-5059