•  Board Committee Procedures


    • Each committee will comprise three board members and the president
    • If more than two members are interested in being on a committee, the board must vote on membership
    • The president serves in an ex-oficio capacity and does not have a vote unless it is needed to break a tie if only two committee members are present at a meeting
    • Members will be decided at the July reorganizational meeting
    • The date of the first meeting will be arranged by the president

     At the first meeting:

    • Appoint the chair of the committee
    • Establish a draft calendar of meetings for the year
    • Decide who will be responsible for minute taking.  The committee has the option of asking for the Board Clerk to be present to take minutes
    • Decide when the chair should put out the agenda
    • Set goals for the year.  These goals will be added to a board meeting agenda for approval from the board

    Responsibilities of the Chair:

    • The chair of the committee will be responsible for creating an agenda (with the cooperation of an administrator, if necessary).

    Communication of goals and minutes:

    Committee goals and minutes from committee meetings will be approved by the board and posted on the District website in a timely manner

    Adopted March 22, 2021

    Student Representatives to the Board of Education - Alejandra Calderon, Ari Carmona, Harsh Gupta and Demitra Sela 

    Audit and Finance Committee      

    • Kristan Flynn
    • Anthony White - Chair
    • Eric Schetter
    • Meredith Heuer
    • Joseph Baffuto - Appointed Community Volunteer
    • Matthew Maye - Appointed Community Volunteer

    Facilities and Operations Committee

    • Kristan Flynn - Chair
    • Anthony White
    • Eric Schetter
    • Meredith Heuer

     Policy Committee

    • Yunice Heath
    • Flora Stadler
    • Semra Ercin - Chair
    • Meredith Heuer

     Public Relations, Advocacy, & Legislative Committee

    • Semra Ercin
    • Flora Stadler - Chair
    • Alena Kush
    • Meredith Heuer


    Executive Committee, Dutchess County School Boards Association

    • Flora Stadler  

    Legislative Advocate for NYSSBA

    • Flora Stadler

    District Safety Committee

    Board Members will rotate attendance

    District Curriculum Committee

    • Meredith Heuer

     District Health and Wellness Committee

    • Yunice Heath

     District Diversity and Equity Committee

    Working Group Model

    The Board President is an ex oficio member of all Board of Education committees.