Plans & Policies

  • Mission Statement

     The mission of the district is to meet the challenge of preparing every student for learning, life, and work beyond school.

    Beacon High School panorama

    In pursuing this Mission, we believe:
     - the diversity of our community is a strength;
     - in providing an equitable education for all students regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, disability, gender identity, or sexuality;
     - a culture of care, including ensuring a safe and supportive emotional environment for all, will help ensure the wellness of the entire school community; and
     - the district will utilize and distribute resources and programming in the most equitable manner possible.


    The vision for the district is that every student leaves Beacon City with the following:

    Skills and Abilities

    • Communication
      - Organize and articulate thoughts - write, speak or create media for a variety of purposes and audiences
      - Use digital tools for a variety of purposes and audiences
      - Actively listen, comprehend, and respond appropriately

    • Problem solving (solving complex problems)
      - Identify and frame problems with their associated consequences
      - Understand and apply problem solving processes
      - Implement and reflect on the effectiveness of proposed solutions

    • Creative and Critical Thinking (divergent/convergent)
      - Identify multiple perspectives, options, or pathways
      - Apply novel or insightful notions
      - Apply criteria and evaluate for a purpose
      - Use evidence, logic and reason

    • Collaboration – Independence
      - Work with others to accomplish tasks and solve problem
      - Demonstrate metacognition of interpersonal skills
      - Fulfill different roles in a variety of situations
      - Demonstrate self-direction and initiative
      - Overcome obstacles to success

    • Digital Literacy
      - Be a good digital citizen
      - Practice effective search techniques
      - Apply criteria and analysis processes for information validity
      - Consistently use reliable and valid information in the service of learning 0000

     Attributes and Dispositions

    • Empathy
      - Kindness, care, and compassion for others
      - Respect for persons and property
      - Understanding of the circumstances and opinions of others

    • Self-Regulation
      - Self-awareness and emotional metacognition
      - Ability to recognize and act to regulate reactions and shift actions

    • Citizenship/Community
      - Understands that all members are part of a larger whole
      - Demonstrates the relationship between rights and responsibilities.
      - Contributes to the overall success of the community as a whole

    • Curiosity, Wonder, Awe, & Imagination
      - Generates questions and follows leads
      - Investigates and creates
      - Demonstrates a passion and energy for learning

    • Adaptability/Flexibility
      - Calm and positive when structures or patterns change
      - Sees change as opportunity
  • Annual Review

    The Board recognizes that while the vision is intended to be a long-range statement of the ideal future for the district, it still requires continual evaluation. Accordingly, the Board will review the vision statement annually in developing the district’s annual goals.

    0150, Equity, Inclusivity and Diversity in Education
    0300, Accountability
    4000, Student Learning Standards and Instructional Guidelines

    Adoption date: March 8, 2021