Registration Instructions

  • We are pleased to welcome you to the Beacon City School District. You will find all of our teachers, principals and other staff members helpful and eager to provide your child with the best possible education.

    Children aged five (5) on or before December 1st will be eligible for admission to kindergarten in the preceding September. Placement in kindergarten is in accordance with the State Education Department guidelines. Placement in other grades is made by the School Administrator based on the data and information obtained from the child's former schools.

    In order to safeguard the health of your child, to place your child in the most appropriate program, and to conform to the New York State Law and District Policy, certain information and records are required when registering a child in the Beacon City School District.

    To register your child, the following documentation must be presented to the Registrar at the Administration Office. All attached forms must be completed before the registration is final. Only a parent or legal guardian may register a child.

    • Proof Of Date Of Birth - Either an original birth certificate with a raised seal, or if a birth certificate is not available, a valid passport will be accepted.

      State law requires that the child's name, as it appears on the birth certificate, must appear on the office card, permanent record card, health card, transcripts, all diplomas and all other official records. Requests to use "nicknames" or other names on these records may not be honored.

    • Two (2) Proofs Of Residency - two of the following may be presented as accepted documentation:
      • Current Tax Bill
      • House Deed
      • Current Lease
      • Bill of Sale
      • Mortgage Statement
      • DSS Identification
      • Current Utility Bill
      • Current Insurance Bill
      • Current Telephone Bill
      • Current Fuel Company Bill
      • Current Bank Statement
      • Voter’s Registration Card
      • HUD Documentation
        * If other documentation is provided, the Superintendent will review the packet for registration permission.

    • Proof Of Parental Relationships - Students who are legal residents of the school district and reside with parent(s) or guardian(s) are eligible to be registered.

      Only legally appointed guardians or foster parents may assume custody and responsibility for the care of the child.
      • Foster Parents: Placement order Form DSS-2999 is required.
      • Guardianship: Guardianship documents signed by a court officer are required.
      • Separated or Divorced Parents: Document signed by a court officer stating parent has physical custody of the child is required.
        **Note: The district will NOT restrict access to a child or to the child's education record by the non-custodial parent unless an appropriate court order is provided. A copy will be attached to the student's folder.

    • Proof Of Immunization – According to New York State Law and the District Policy, students will be registered and all immunization records are to be provided to the school nurse within 2 weeks of initial registration.

      Please bring at least one of the following documents at time of registration, if possible:
      • Certificate of Immunization signed by a physician or an official health clinic
      • Certificate of Immunization signed by an official health clinic
      • School health record signed by an official
      • Physical Examination Form signed by a physician
      • I am claiming a medical/religious exemption to the immunization requirement. See attached documentation.

    • Report Card And/Or School Records – If the child is transferring from another school district, the last report card and/or previous school records should be provided.



  • Students may be registered at the District Office by appointment only:

    Please call Mrs. Gail Morgan, the District Registrar to make an appointment: 845-838-6900 x2002

    Please see the Student Registration Packet for instructions and application for registration or call the District Registrar at 845-838-6900 x2002 for additional information.

    Student Change of Information:

    Any change of address, emergency contact or guardianship/custody must be reported to the District Registrar at the District' Office.

    Proof of address or any other change must be presented in person to the District Registrar before the information can be updated.

    You may obtain a Student Change of Information Form from this page or by calling Mrs. Morgan at 845-838-6900 x2002.