• grad

    Requirements for Graduation

     Subject                                                             Credits

    ELA/ESL                                                           4.0

    Mathematics                                                    3.0

    Science                                                            3.0

        - one life science                                        

        - one physical science                                 

    Social Studies                                                  4.0

    LOTE/Native Language                                   1.0 Advanced Diploma*

    Physical Education                                          2.0

    Art or Music                                                      1.0

    Health                                                                0.5

    CTE requirements or Electives                       3.5 Advanced Diploma 1.5

    Total Credits for Grauation                           22.0


    To earn the advanced designation, students must complete one of the following:

         - 3 units of a language other than English

         - 5 units of CTE (Career and Technical Education plus one unit in a language

            other than English)

         - 5 units in the Arts and Music plus one unit in a language other than English.


    Please note:

    Regents' examination requirements may be different for students with disabilities.  Please consult with your school counselor for details



    Regents Diploma (5)                                                         Advanced Regents Diploma

                                                                                               (8 + LOTE)

     ELA                                                                                     ELA

    Global or US History                                                         Global

    Algebra I                                                                             US History

    Science                                                                               Algebra I

    + 1 additional exam in one of the following:                   Geometry

         US History or Global                                                     Algebra II

         Science                                                                          Science

         Math                                                                               Science

                                                                                                 LOTE Local Assessment