The Beacon City School District Guidance Department's mission is to promote and provide exemplary programs and instruction on career pathways and career planning skills for every student.  This will be accomplished in partnership with students, parents members of the community, and school staff.  We will assist students in the recognition and development of their unique abilities by encouraging an individual approach to educational and career goals, respect for diversity, and the development of effective personal/social relationships.  


    The Guidance Department works to promote:

    Student achievement

    Personal/social development

    Student's academic performance

    Social/emotional needs

    Home/school communication

    Parent-teacher conferences

    Guidance/counseling intervention


    Progress Reports and Report Cards:

    Academic information is communicated to parents five weeks into each marking period and every 10 weeks. At five weeks, a progress report is mailed home to give parents an indication as to how their child is performing for that marking period. A report card is mailed home at the end of each 10 weeks.



    A planner is given to each student at the beginning of the school year to assist them with organization of homework, upcoming projects, tests and/or quizzes. The planner also contains the student handbook, which parents and students should review.


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