• Regular student attendance is essential to success in schools. Poor attendance, whether as a result of non-essential, excused absence, or unexcused absence, truancy or excessive tardiness is a serious problem and can lead to student academic failure. Being late for school hurts a student's learning, too. A student's success in school depends on having a solid educational background- one that can only be gained through regular school attendance.

    Attendance matters for many reasons. Students who regularly attend school are more likely to get better grades. Students cannot learn if they are not in school! Students who attend school reguarly are also more likely to graduate. Missing too many classes may harm a student's chance of graduating.

    Rombout Middle School's Attendance Policy:

    Any student who is absent must bring in a written excuse from his/her parents to be handed in to the Attendance Office on the day of return to school. This note MUST state the cause of absence, date of absence and the student's name. These notes are sent to the Attendance Office and become part of the legal record of attendance. If a student is out more than five (5) days, he/she must hand in a doctor's note. If a written excuse, signed by a parent, is not presented upon return to school, the absence will be considered illegal, and will therefore become part of the student's permanent record.