• Request for Transportation to a Non-Public School

    • New York State Law requires that a written request (see Application for Private/Parochial Transportation Form) be made EACH YEAR for transportation to a non-public school.
    • The parent or legal guardian must submit this request to the school district registrar's office prior to April 1st of the upcoming school year.
    • An exception may be made when families move into the district later than April 1st*, in which case the request should be made within 30 days after establishing residency within the district.
    • Transportation may be provided by law for a distance of 15 miles.


    * "Please note that due to the closure of schools pursuant to the Executive Order(s) issued by the Governor for the COVID-19 crisis and recognizing that such requests need  to be incorporated into a school district’s budget, the Department directs all public school districts to accept all parental requests for transportation to charter and nonpublic schools for the 2024/2025 school year submitted on or before April 15, 2024.   The Department deems such Executive Order(s) to be a reasonable excuse for a delay under Ed. Law 3635."