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    The numbers:


    Garden visit numbers: Every elementary student in the district has garden time. All lessons are 45 minutes.

    Kindergartners have 7 lessons throughout the year

    1st & 2nd graders have weekly garden time

    3rd, 4th, & 5th graders have 3 garden time lessons throughout the year


    Quote from a teacher:


    "The Hudson Valley Seed program connects our modern day kids to the cycles of the earth, providing authentic, "hands-on" experiences into the fascinating world of growing food. Children's faces light up as they discover connections between the food they eat and how that food grows! They continue to make those connections between the weekly "Garden Time" visits.  I have observed the Hudson Valley Seed program grow and flourish over the years of our partnership. My wish is for all students, in all classrooms, to have these experiences and benefit from this wonderful program." - LouAnn Joyce, 1st grade J.V. Forrestal’​


    Quote from two Glenham parents:


    quote from a parent: Pratyasha Singh said of her 2nd grader, "My son taught me about eating spinach raw. I always cooked it, but he loved it when you made snacks in the garden class, so now we eat it raw at home."


    Logan Blum's father said, "I've got rainbow chard in my garden because of you! My son said he ate it during garden time and loved it so we make it at home for him now."


    Blurb about HVS:


    As thousands of children across the Hudson Valley participate in weekly garden education, they develop a love of learning and the outdoors. Every K-5 student participates in garden time with Hudson Valley Seed. Third-grade students who are entering their fourth year of garden time have a deep sense of connection to place and are continuing to develop a strong environmental stewardship ethic.


    As students plant seeds, steward the land, and share new foods with their peers, they are also cultivating compassion, patience and self discipline. As they discuss which variety of kale they each like the taste of best, they develop social and emotional skills like observation, mindfulness, gentleness, cooperation.


    In addition to STEM Education, Hudson Valley Seed brings art, writing and literacy into classrooms. By partnering with schools to provide students with innovative, experiential and project-based food education, Hudson Valley Seed not only helps improve school achievement, but also helps students connect discoveries in the classroom to action in the community. We bring parents, businesses, teachers and community members together to create vibrant and nourishing connections across the Hudson Valley.


    Rather than position ourselves as the source of health and wellness, we share tools, knowledge and passion with community members in Beacon, Newburgh, and Garrison to co-create a healthy and powerful next generation of farmers, consumers, thinkers and life-long learners.


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