Remote Access Portal

  • Click the icon below to log in remotely:
    (best for average computers, laptops, iPads and tablets)

    BCSD Remote Access Portal

    No IE  

    Requirement:  Please be sure to use a modern browser such as Google ChromeMozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.


    Note for touchscreen devices:  Use the screen like you would a trackpad on a laptop to move the mouse.  Need a keyboard?  Hold your finger down.


    Have a BIGGER screen and want some more room to work?

    Have a 
    smaller screen and struggling to squeeze everything into view?

    Try one of the following links instead:  
    (Large Version best for large monitors or high-resolution devices.  Small Version best for smaller monitors, netbooks or other low-resolution devices.)


    Remote Access Portal Large Screen Version Remote Access Portal Small Screen Version


A better experience...

  • Are you willing to take an extra step for an even better experience?

    Have a Microsoft Windows computer and want an even more integrated experience outside of the browser?  Download the zipped RDP file here and launch it from your desktop.  It will feel just like you're sitting at a district computer! 

    Have an Apple iMac or Macbook computer and are jealous of the excellent Microsoft Windows integration above?  Don't worry, there is a third party application that can help you to achieve the same results.  The application is called CoRD and you can download it from it's website found here.  Once you've installed the application as per their website, simply use the same RDP file as the Microsoft Windows users above and you should be up and running in no time.