Superintendent Update - November 12, 2021

Posted by Victoria Jackson on 11/12/2021

Superintendent Update November 12, 2021

I just wanted to take a moment and share a few items with you all.  

Vaccination Clinics- Our vaccination clinics were successful this week.  We were able to vaccinate well over three hundred young and not-so-young individuals over both nights.  The follow-up dates are November 30 for those who came on November 9 and December 1 for those who came on November 10.  Please come at the same time you came for the first appointment.  I want to thank the community volunteers, the teacher and staff volunteers, and the staff from Village Apothecary who made the nights possible.  Special thanks to Ann Marie Quartironi, our Deputy Superintendent, who put the whole thing together.

I have been asked a few times if we will have another clinic.  It is possible, but it would not be for a few weeks if we do it so if you want the vaccination sooner than that, look for other options.

Diversity Committee Work Update:  

The Diversity committee had a Zoom town hall/webinar on Tuesday, November 9th.  You can see the slides we used for the evening here:

Our plan for moving the work of this committee forward this year is to have a zoom webinar every other month where we will share about district initiatives and answer questions and have working groups on the alternate months so we can have better conversations about specific topics.

We will have four working groups.

Code of Conduct Facilitator Matt Landahl

Curriculum- Facilitator Sagrario Rudecindo O'Neill  email

Inclusive Learning Spaces- Facilitator Sagrario Rudecindo- O'Neill email

Hiring for a Diverse Workforce- Facilitator Bill Rolon

The working groups will meet in December, February, April, and May and will give feedback and aid in district planning efforts.   Please let us know if you want to participate in these conversations.

2022 Martin Luther King Essay Contest- Southern Dutchess Coalition

Please think about participating in this important essay contest.  The information is attached to this email.

From the essay contest information sheet

“The Southern Dutchess Coalition and the Beacon Sloop Club are having our 8th Annual MLK Essay Contest. All students in Grades 1-12 are asked to write about our theme: “Are We Keeping the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream Alive?” Students should explain Rev. Dr. King’s Dream, writing about what was happening at the time for Rev. Dr. King to make his “I Have a Dream” speech. They should write about their own thoughts and lives. How are they keeping the Rev. Dr. King’s Dream Alive? What do they plan to do about this in their own lives? “

MLK Essay Contest Flyer 

Have a good weekend!