Superintendent Update - June 28, 2024

Posted by Victoria Jackson on 7/1/2024

Superintendent Weekly Update June 28, 2024

I want to thank everyone for a fantastic school year and I hope everyone can find time to spend with family and friends this summer.  We have a busy summer ahead in the BCSD and I am highlighting a few of the projects below.  I will keep you updated throughout the summer on our work.

Capital Project Work this Summer

The 2021 capital project will be impacting all of our schools this summer.  Our school offices will be relocated to Beacon High School this summer.  Attached to this email is a list of the work happening this summer.  Some of the bids we received last winter for this summer’s work came in much higher than expected and we had to scale back different aspects of the project to keep it under budget.  That said, we are very excited about this work impacting all of our schools and I will keep you updated throughout the summer on our progress.  I am also very grateful for the community support of the 2024 capital project and we will begin developing the plans for that as well. The work from that project will take place over the summer of 2026,2027, and 2028 and the planning for the project begins this summer.

Summer Instructional Work:

Many of our teachers are also working on projects this summer.  Elementary teachers will be working on developing curriculum maps and aligning resources for our reading program.  Some secondary teachers will be developing curricula for new courses.  We are grateful for their work this summer.

Cell Phones in Our Schools

We have spent the last few months reviewing policies and procedures for student use of cell phones in schools.  We are moving toward a more restrictive student cell phone policy.  There are many details with our code of conduct and our schools we are still working out and I will share the results of this work by late July.  One of the issues we want to focus on next year is student use of social media.  We are also working on having resources available to parents through materials or workshops on finding ways to monitor or limit our children’s use of social media.  I will keep you posted.

Have a great summer!


Matt Landahl

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