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  • Superintendent Blog Post - January 10, 2020

    Posted by Victoria Jackson on 1/10/2020

    Superintendent Blog Post  January 10, 2020


    Happy New Year!  We have a budget and facilities update and some amazing star students and employees!  

    Budget Development Update

    Budgeting is a year-round process for us but during the next few months we will take many concrete steps to put together the 2020-2021 school budget.  Our goal is to develop a budget that supports our students to the best of our abilities and to support all of our board goals and strategic plan.  


    We present the budget in stages to the public through our board meetings over the next several months.  I also do several budget talks at school PTO meetings and other public places to discuss aspects of our school budget.  The schedule for that will be coming in the next few weeks.

    Here is the schedule of the BCSD Board of Education Budget Workshops 

    January 13- General Budget Overview

    January 27- Athletics/Technology

    February 10- Transportation and Facilities and Operations

    March 9- Instruction and Professional Development

    March 23- Presentation of the Overall Budget

    April 14- Budget Adoption

    May 14- Budget Public Hearing

    May 19- Budget Vote and School Board Elections


    Facilities Update 

    We will be working with the Board of Education in the coming months to develop a new capital project that would potentially go to voters in December 2020.  This is all in the draft stages at this point but even though we are just wrapping up our current capital project, due to some debt service being paid off, we have the ability to develop another project.  We are currently working on hiring a new architecture firm and then in the coming months we will be doing a Building Conditions Survey as well as asking stakeholders about building needs. There will be much more to come on this subject in February but we are excited for more improvements to our facilities.


    Star Students - Beacon High School  

    Christopher Crawford submitted by Joanna Driscoll

    Chris Crawford

    Star Christopher Crawford is a 9th grade student who exemplifies all the best qualities of a BHS PRIDE student. He is always upbeat and positive. He greets his teachers when he arrives, and always wishes us a good day when he leaves. Chris is respectful to all those around him, and has wonderful manners. Chris shows integrity in all that he does; from my observations, he gives his very best to whatever task is before him. He never misses homework or classwork assignments and has even gone out of his way to check in with me to ensure that all is in order with his work and grades. Christopher exhibits determination every single day; he is the epitome of the engaged student. Chris Crawford is a true pleasure to teach and we are very grateful to have him for our student this year. ☺


    Caleb Herrara submitted by Liz King

    Caleb Herrara

    Star Caleb Herrera is a true leader among the Beacon High School students.  During the summer months and school year, he shared his knowledge and more importantly, his kindness. He always came to work with a smile and a positive attitude.  What is most striking is his character. The same commitment, hard work ethic, and kindness is witnessed by everyone he comes in contact with. Caleb gets that, what he does each day in some way to encourage, enrich, and empower others, is what is important.  He always has a positive attitude while volunteering in the theater, and juggling a challenging academic schedule. He is an amazing young man and we are blessed to have him as part of our Beacon High School Community.

    Eliza Principe Garcia submitted by Ms. Gaspar

    Star Eliza Principe Garcia is a BHS junior on the fast track to well-deserved success. She is the co-president of the Creative Writing Club and is an officer or member of at least four other clubs. Additionally, she is a member of National Honor Society. Eliza’s compassion for all living creatures and the health of our planet is very real, concerns for which she is an advocate and activist. When Eliza is not composing incredible original poetry and short stories, she is studying, busy with an activity, or helping a friend. Eliza has a maturity that belies her years and she stays well-informed of important issues. She is enrolled in honors, AP, and DCC classes and has been on the Principal’s Honor Roll . . . always . . .  


    Erika DeHass submitted by Ms. Gaspar

    Erika DeHass

    Star Erika DeHaas has turned her penchant for storytelling and her love of fantasy and adventure into a growing portfolio of exciting creative work.  In one short semester, Erika has written several poems – some are amusing, others whimsical and some filled with imagery; a short story – a fable; and a wonderful world of magic and danger in the form of a graphic novel.   

    Erika values learning and is a valuable student. She contributes by sharing her completed work and by actively participating in peer critique; comments to fellow writers are praise-filled, respectful, and appreciated. Erika is a courteous, nonjudgmental BHS senior who listens to all points of view with equanimity and graciousness. 


    Star Employee - Belkys Nunez submitted by Laura Cahill, Principal - South Avenue

     Belkys Nunez

    Apple Belkys Nunez is everything that is right in education today!  She is kind, positive, encouraging, fun, friendly and gracious.  She is typically one of the first people students see when they arrive at South Avenue, and is happy to greet each student by name with a hug or high-5.  Belkys has worked for the BCSD for 16 years. She started as an aide in kindergarten and first grade, and even filled in as a dance teacher for Kindergarten students for a short time.  She is currently a Kindergarten teaching assistant where she continues to inspire our youngest students. Belkys is married with 5 children and 2 grandchildren, and is also a student - working toward her degree in human services/social work.  We are thrilled to recognize Belkys and her work at South Avenue.

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  • Superintendent Blog Post - Friday, December 6, 2019

    Posted by Victoria Jackson on 12/6/2019

    Superintendent Blog Post - December 6, 2019

    Dear Beacon Community:

    I wanted to make you aware of two opportunities and share about this edition’s Star Student and Star Employee.  I hope you have a great weekend!

    7th Southern Dutchess Coalition Martin Luther King Jr. Essay Contest

    This is for all students in grades 1-12.  The theme of the Essay Contest this year is “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.  The due date for the essay is January 3 and the winners are announced on Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 20th.  You can find more information about this in the attachment to the email version of this blog post.

    Community Solar Event on December 11th (for City of Beacon residents)

    The Beacon City Council established the  Hudson Valley Community Power sustainability fund for Beacon schools (thank you!!).  For every city resident who enrolls in the program, $50 is donated to the Beacon City School District.  We will use the funds raised to help us establish more sustainability programming in the district with facilities and curriculum development 

    You can find out more about it at this event: 

    Please save the date:

    December 11th from 5:30 – 8:00 PM at the Industrial Arts Brewing Company

    511 Fishkill Avenue, Beacon NY 12550  -  You can  RSVP at https://www.facebook.com/events/478316092800379/

    You can also find out more about this event with two attachments in the email version of this Blog Post.

    Star Star Student - Asha Marcus, 5th Grade (Ms. Ebeling) 

    Star Student - JVF Falcon - Asha Marcus

    Asha is a very dedicated student. She always works hard to complete assignments and takes pride in challenging herself to go above and beyond what is expected of her. Asha was recently recognized as a scholarship recipient and award winner of the Beacon Sons & Daughters of Italy essay contest. She is kind, considerate, and caring - a shining example for other students and we are proud of our JVF Falcon star student!

    Star Star Employee - John Cumming (Transportation Department)

    John Cumming - Transportation

    John Cumming has been with the Beacon City School District for the past 32 years.  Starting in 1987, he started with the district 10 years before our current bus garage facility was built.  John is our Head Mechanic and plays an important role in keeping our buses- and our students safe.

    A vital member of our Transportation Department, his role often goes unnoticed.  His attention to detail, making sure that everything works on our buses, from the engines, transmissions, right down to the many lights- is important to keeping the wheels rolling on our buses.

    Ordering parts, reviewing invoices, overseeing preventive maintenance, repairing defects and responding to breakdowns are only some of the many tasks John oversees.  

    Each district bus is inspected by the NYS DOT twice a year, and our buses continue to pass with high ratings.   John also ensures that charter buses transporting our students are inspected for safety.

    In addition, John plays a major role in ensuring that our fuel storage/dispensing facilities comply with DEC regulations.  

    In his role as Head Mechanic, John works closely with the drivers, dispatchers, head bus drivers, mechanics, transportation supervisor, as well as the vendors who supply the vehicles, parts and tools to keep our students on the move. Despite the many responsibilities he shoulders, he manages to maintain a unique sense of humor when relating to his co-workers. 

    John is dedicated, doing whatever is necessary to get the job done.  He is truly one of the district’s unsung heroes.

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  • Superintendent Blog Post - Tuesday, November 26, 2019

    Posted by Victoria Jackson on 11/26/2019

    Superintendent Blog Post - November 26, 2019

    Quick Reminder- Today, Tuesday, November 26 is the 15 minute early dismissal drill- please pick up your child 15 minutes earlier than normal.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    It is the time to express things I am grateful for professionally and personally.  I am very thankful to work in such a supportive community with such amazing young people.  I recently put together a partial list of things to be proud of in the district and this is the perfect time to share.

    The staff, community, and the Board of Education (WE)  have worked collaboratively to offer the following programs, innovations, and budget initiatives to support our students in the BCSD.  Before we get to the list, it is important to remember that nothing on this list gets done without our amazing staff and students and our supportive community.  THANK YOU!

    Here is the list:

    • Elementary class size average is 19
    • Beacon High School offers 7 Advanced Placement courses and 7 Dutchess Community College courses
    • 62 clubs for elementary, middle, and high school students focusing on a wide range of interests
    • 53 athletics teams (including modified, JV, and Varsity) serving over 600 students
    • Beacon Players theater extracurricular involves dozens and dozens of students in all aspects of theater performance
    • Partnerships with Hudson Valley Seed and Common Ground Farm to support both gardens at five of our schools and education about local food
    • A three year professional development plan that is training teachers in Responsive Classroom, Restorative Practices, Equity/Diversity training, and high levels of student engagement
    • Newly formed computer science four year program with Project Lead the Way at Beacon High School
    • Instrumental music program begins at Fourth grade for interested students
    • New lighted, turf athletic field for our athletic programs and PE classes at BHS


    This is a partial list of amazing things happening in our district and I will keep sharing additional programs and initiatives throughout the year.  We will keep working on adding to the list and continue to make this district a great place to be! 


    Star Student - South Avenue Elementary School - Elma Hassan

    Star Student - South Avenue

    Each day, Mrs. Anson, Mr. Nastasi & Mr. Timpano and the students in their 5th grade class are greeted with a friendly smile from Elma Hassan. She is respectful and kind to all adults and peers in the building. Elma's friendly and welcoming demeanor makes her classmates feel comfortable enough to go to her when they need help. Elma will always go out of her way to help other students. When her peers need assistance, she is able to recognize when to help them and eagerly finds time to lend a hand. In school, she participates in Band, Chorus, Student Council and the Morning News. After school, you might find her buried in books at the library. She enjoys reading, learning about the Trojan War and researching science. Science fascinates her! Elma loves learning how things are created and how they work. Elma's love of science is helping her to create some big dreams and goals in her life.  When she grows up she hopes to work for NASA. She aspires to feel ZERO Gravity.  One day you may be in the Library doing research on your favorite subject and you will read about Elma's contributions to Science!  South Avenue is proud to recognize Elma to our Beacon community.

    Star Employee - BHS - Ms. Mahar-Daniels

    BHS - Star Employee

    Ms. Mahar-Daniels is a teaching assistant that has the unique ability to build a rapport with all students and makes unique connections with each student she comes across.   Ms. Mahar-Daniels takes her job of educating children and supporting teachers very seriously. She feels a strong sense of responsibility to the students of Beacon High School; therefore has arranged to have professional development to the entire teaching assistant staff to help them better support teaching and instruction.

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