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  • Superintendent Blog Post - February 8, 2019

    Posted by Victoria Jackson on 2/8/2019

    Superintendent Blog Post - February 8, 2019

    Rescheduling Black History Month Play

    Unfortunately we had to reschedule the Bright Star Theatre performance for the community last week due to weather.  We are working on rescheduling another play for the community in March. Check back here for details when we get it officially scheduled.

    Strategic Planning Update

    We have completed creating our mission, belief statements, graduate profile including skills, abilities, and attributes we want to see in all of our students, and are now focusing on developing action plans for strategies.  I will be meeting with community groups during the months of March, April, and May to discuss the plan. I am also meeting with student focus groups in all of our schools to discuss the plan and the upcoming budget. I will have my Strategic Plan Community Tour schedule completed in the coming weeks.  I am very excited about this work and thanks to all who participated!

    From the Wellness Committee

    SAVE the DATES:

    Fitness Fun Night - The district's wellness committee, in conjunction with BCSD Athletics, is hosting a free event, "Fitness Fun Night" at Rombout Middle School from 6-8PM on March 1, 2019 (Snow Date - March 8, 2019) for students to participate with their families. Varsity teams and local fitness groups will be running sessions for students K-8, and local community organizations will be available with table displays & activities. Many thanks to Ms. Marianne Cerillo, Event Chairperson.  For more information: email Mr. John Giametta, Director of Athletics, PE, Health, & Recreation at giametta.j@beaconk12.org

    Beacon HS Wellness Fair will be sponsored in conjunction with it's College Fair

    When: April 11th 6-8 pm

    Where: Beacon High School Main Lobby

    Come check out some wellness resources available in our local community.  Many thanks to Ms. Diane Tanzi, Wellness Event Chairperson.

    For more information: email Ms. Elisa Correa-Soto, Principal at soto.e@beaconk12.org.

    Exciting Updates from our Food Services Department

    We have a lot of exciting updates happening in the Food Services Department, see below for the details.

    • New York Thursdays continues with all school meal programming -  we are continuing the NY local burger promotion along with school made pickles and toppings.
    • The menus at all levels will continue featuring the vegetable of the month with recipes incorporating that vegetable at least once in the month.
    • Beacon High School menus have expanded vegetable offerings with a large number of scratch items each month.
    • Menus continue to identify scratch items at each grade level.  
    • Menus are available in an on-line app called "mealviewer".
    • Rombout Middle School had a tasting activity of scratch made Asian noodle bowls and veggie frittatas on January 10 that students participated in by voting on their preferences.  
    • Beacon High School had an Asian tasting menu on February 6 with products being sampled from a new vendor. The vendor offers an antibiotic free chicken product and the sauces are free of  MSG, artificial coloring and flavoring Trans fats and peanut free. This tasting helps to determine if this is a product line we will carry next year.
    • Sargent elementary began using washable silverware on January 14th.  J.V. Forrestal is the next school up on using washable silverware, they are working on an implementation plan.
    • Food Services is also working on a plan to use recyclable trays at BHS.


    Sargent Star Student - Ayden Gilleo - 5th Grade

    A Sargent Star - Ayden

    Ayden Gilleo is a Sargent Star in Ms. Sandison and Ms. Antelak's fifth grade class.  Ayden's favorite class is Math. "I like Math because it’s fun and I learn a lot." Ayden also says about Math, "I want to learn more math because I can get better and better."  As a fifth grader, his he likes the privileges that go with being a fifth grader which include "all the field trips and going to Sharpe." He loves Sargent because "everybody helps me to learn better and I have good friends here."  Mr. Gilleo is most proud of how far he has come "since Kindergarten to now." Ayden has the highest grades in his class and he enjoys the challenges that come with going from fifth grade to sixth grade. Ms. Sandison says about Ayden, "he is a responsible, kind and compassionate student. He encourages his peers to do their best and will help motivate those who may be struggling.  He takes pride in his work and wants others to do the same. Ayden always strives to do well in school. His determination shows when faced with challenging tasks. Ayden is a member of the Chess Club, Band, and the Morning News Program. His hobbies outside of school are riding his bike and hiking up Mt. Beacon.

    Employee Recognition - Sandy Martel, District Treasurer

    Sandy Martel - Employee Recognition

    Sandy Martel has been working in our Business Office for over 35 years. In December she retired from her full-time position and we are happy to say that she has agreed to stay on part-time.  In her role as School District Treasurer, she has the important job of making sure all the district’s accounts are correct and in balance. She has a wealth of knowledge of the district which is a huge asset to all of us that work with her.  We wish her well in her retirement and hope that she now has more flexibility to travel and enjoy her grandchildren.

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  • Superintendent Blog Post - January 25, 2019

    Posted by Victoria Jackson on 1/25/2019

    Superintendent’s Blog - January 25, 2019

    Kick off to Black History Month- Struggle for Freedom Performance at Beacon High School on January 30th at 6:00.

    Bright Star Touring Theatre, a national professional touring theatre company based in Asheville, NC is visiting the area with their heralded production of Struggle for Freedom: The Life of Dr. King. This inspiring production has received nationwide acclaim.

    The Bright Star Theatre company will be performing “Struggle for Freedom” on Wednesday, January 30th at 6:00 in the Seeger Theater at Beacon High School.  See the description from the website:

    Struggle for Freedom is a 45-minute production that seeks to honor the American Civil Rights Movement. The life and work of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. provides the backdrop to scenes that recreate the Montgomery bus boycott, the March on Washington, the Woolworth Sit-ins and much more. With excerpts of famous speeches, Civil Rights era songs and a variety of characters this moving production has been hailed as one of ‘the finest touring shows available for young audiences.’

    The Bright Star Theatre group suggests this performance for grades 2 through adult but that is a suggestion.  You can check out their website for more info: https://www.brightstartheatre.com/

    And best of all, this event is free to the community!

    Our Fourth and Fifth grade students will have the opportunity to see Bright Star Touring Theatre perform George Washington Carver & Friends (see below for information about this production) and our Middle School and High School Students will see the Struggle for Freedom performance on January 30, 2019 as follows: 

    8:00 AM - Beacon High School - Struggle for Freedom
    9:45 AM - Glenham and J.V. Forrestal (4th & 5th Grade only) - George Washington Carver & Friends
    11:00 AM - Sargent & South Avenue (4th & 5th Grade only) - George Washington Carver & Friends
    1:00 PM - Rombout Middle School - Struggle for Freedom
    George Washington Carver and Friends gives students a fast-paced and accessible introduction to many influential black Americans who have shaped our nation over the last 150 years. The lives and accomplishments of Booker T. Washington, Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall, Madame C.J. Walker, and other famous leaders are brought to life in this empowering production.
    Two-Way Conversations:  We collected a lot of great feedback as we have been developing the Strategic Coherence Plan for the district.  One of the pieces of feedback talked about the need for more two-way conversations in the district between district folks and stakeholders.  It got me thinking about some things we are doing to increase those conversations and some ideas we will be implementing in a few months.

    Strategic Planning Committee:  This group was comprised of about 25 staff members, parents, and community members.  Over the past few months we analyzed data and discussed focus areas for our district.

    Sustainability Committee:  This is a new group that meets monthly to discuss ways to make the district more sustainable in terms of resource management and also curriculum implementation.  We currently are looking at the Green Schools rubric put out by the U.S. Department of Education and assessing where we are as a district and making some plans for the future.  Our next meeting is Wednesday, February 13 at 5:45 at the conference room in the district office.

    Wellness Committee:  This group created the Wellness Policy that was adopted by the board last year and has been monitoring implementation throughout the district.  The date for Fitness Fun Night is March 1, 2019 from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. in the Gym at Rombout Middle School  

    Coming Soon- Building Leadership Teams:  In a few months, we will be asking for volunteers to join Building Leadership Teams at each school. Once our Strategic Plan is complete, we will be asking schools to work with their stakeholder groups to develop implementation plans for each school.

    We have a ways to go regarding engaging all stakeholders I think we have taken some great steps and I am excited about the ones coming up.

    Government Shutdown Affected School Families:  If your family income has been impacted by the Government shutdown your children may qualify for Free or Reduced priced meals while your income has been suspended (and will continue for the remainder of the school year) Call us at 845-838-6900 X2012 or fill out a Meal application which is available on the BCSD web site under the Food Services Tab.

    Star Student Recognition - Samiha Golden  

    Star Student - Samiha!

    Samiha is a 5th grade student at South Avenue Elementary School.  She is an excellent student who is kind and very helpful to all in school.  Samiha is a natural born leader. Samiha is involved with our Student Council, which supports events and programs in the school community.  She is also a newscaster with our Morning News program and is a member of the Yearbook Committee.

    Samiha is also a gifted musician, playing several instruments including piano, flute, recorder and ukulele.  She is a member of the South Avenue band and chorus, and was selected to be a participant in the 2019 All-County Chorus.

    In addition to her scholarly achievements, Samiha is also involved in activities out of school, including the Compass Arts Rompatom Ensemble and the Vassar MS/HS Choir.

    We are very pleased to recognize Samiha as a South Avenue Star Student.

    Employee Recognition - Ms. Gall

    Ms. Gall and Students

    Ms. Gall is a second grade teacher - she is also a co-advisor of Student Council and a member of the JVF Equity Team. Characterized and known as being selfless, caring, and dedicated, Ms. Gall loves her students and demonstrates this on a daily basis. Upon entering her classroom, you are welcomed by the bright smiles of her students, and the vibrant and engaging learning space. Her students are engaged in thoughtfully planned rigorous learning activities and are always eager to share what they are learning! Her classroom community is one that embraces reflection, challenging tasks, and peer collaboration - we are proud that she is a JVF Falcon!

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  • Superintendent Blog Post - January 11, 2019

    Posted by Victoria Jackson on 1/11/2019

    Superintendent Blog Post - January 11, 2019

    After winter break, we always focus on budget development and adoption.  While budgeting is truly a year-round process, we put a very clear focus on developing next year’s budget during the next few weeks and months.  Below is our budget calendar with the Board of Education. At each of those meetings, department heads, principals, or other administrators will present their budget initiatives to the board for discussion.  Missing from the calendar below are community and PTO forums that I will host in February-May to discuss our strategic planning process and budget development. I will have those dates worked out by next month.  If you have any questions about this process, please let me know. I am very excited to help develop a budget that supports all of our children.

    Board of Education Budget Calendar for 2019-2020 Budget Adoption

    January 14, 2019

    General Overview

    January 28, 2019


    February 11, 2019


    February 25, 2019


    March 11, 2019

    Facilities & Operations

    March 25, 2019

    Special Education, Instructional, and Professional Development

    April 8, 2019

    Presentation of the Budget

    April 23, 2019

    Budget Adoption

    May 13, 2019

    Budget Hearing

    May 21, 2019

    Budget Vote

    ThoughtExchange for Strategic Planning

    There are still four days left to participate in the ThoughtExchange.  Here is the link to participate:

    https://my.thoughtexchange.com/#258626618/ .  You can jump in and rate some ideas or put an idea of your own.  The Strategic Planning Committee will be reviewing all of the information at our retreat on January 18th.  Thank you for your help and participation.


    Star Student - JVF -  James Reyes

    James is being recognized for his actions that reflect compassion, kindness, and inclusivity. James is consistently including others and making them feel comfortable. On a regular basis, James will include students who integrate into 3rd grade class specials.  James will lend a helping hand during P.E., he will compliment children when they do something well. He will encourage those who need some extra support.  He will go out of his way to invite others to play with him and his friends at recess. James is a shining example of a kind and compassionate student!

    James Reyes - JVF Star Student

    Employee Recognition

    Tracy Gida is Sargent's Math Teacher Assistant for 13 years.  She started 18 years ago as a Teacher Assistant at JVF working in several various classrooms.  In addition to her Teacher Assistant work, she also leads Sargent's Student Council. Our students do a great deal of community service for Sargent and our community.  These activities include Cards for Veterans at Christmas and Valentine's Day, a winter and spring food drive and coat drive, a give back to a Sargent classroom (this year it is our music room), an Earth Day clean up, Fill the Back Pack and Fill the Stocking as well as running our school store.  Ms. Gida described what she enjoys most about her work with Sargent students, "I enjoy watching kids grow and excel and seeing them get excited about learning and giving back to their community and Sargent. It is very rewarding."

    Tracy Gida - Employee Recognition


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