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  • Superintendent Update - May 13, 2022

    Posted by Victoria Jackson on 5/17/2022

    Superintendent Update May 13, 2022

    BCSD Budget Reminder

    The budget vote is Tuesday, May 17th from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.  City of Beacon residents vote at Beacon High School and Town of Fishkill residents vote at Glenham Elementary.  

    More information about our budget can be found here: https://www.beaconk12.org/domain/583

    I believe our budget supports small class sizes, arts, music, athletics, extracurriculars, the expansion of pre-k, additional electives at the high school, and mental health supports.  It was developed with input from stakeholders and in collaboration with our Board of Education.  Let me know if you have any questions.

    The May Edition of the Bulldog Bulletin

    You can check out the May edition of the Bulldog Bulletin here: https://www.beaconk12.org/domain/608  

     There are lots of cool stories, it is definitely worth checking out!

    Music Concerts Coming Up

    This past week Sargent, Glenham, and Rombout all had amazing concerts!  If you want to check out the remaining concerts, the schedule is below and they are all at Beacon High School.

    5/18 JVF @7:00

    5/19 BHS @ 7:00

    5/24 South Ave @ 7:00

    COVID-19 Update

    District Cases from the Past Week- 48

    Glenham - 2

    Sargent - 0 

    JVF - 0

    RMS - 23

    BHS - 10

    South - 13

    We tried to send test kits home with our Pk-8 students and high school students had the option to pick them up.  If you need additional tests, please contact your school or me at landahl.m@beaconk12.org and we will get some to you.

    Have a good weekend!

    Matt Landahl

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  • Superintendent Update - May 6, 2022

    Posted by Victoria Jackson on 5/9/2022

    Superintendent Update - May 6, 2022

    Superintendent Update May 6, 2022


    Budget Update

    We had our virtual budget information session last night.  Thanks to those who attended! We will post a recording of it on Youtube on Monday if you are interested.

    The Budget Newsletter will be mailed to everyone’s houses in the coming days but if you want to check it out now it is attached to this email.

    The Budget Vote is Tuesday, May 17 from 6 am-9 pm at Beacon High School and Glenham Elementary.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

    COVID-19 Update

    District cases this week: 26

    Glenham - 1

    Sargent - 2

    JVF - 4

    RMS - 12

    BHS - 4

    South - 3

    If you need COVID tests, please let your school know or email me at landahl.m@beaconk12.org and we will send some home.  We are working on another district-wide distribution of tests sometime late next week.

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  • Superintendent Update - April 29, 2022

    Posted by Victoria Jackson on 4/29/2022

    Superintendent Update-  April 29, 2022

    Budget Update

    I will be doing a Zoom Webinar-style presentation on the budget Thursday, May 5th at 7:00.  I will send a reminder out closer to the date and will share the slides ahead of time.  You will be able to submit questions during the presentation and we will make time to answer them.  The presentation will be recorded and posted later for people who want to watch it later.

    On May 9th, the BCSD Board of Education will have a budget hearing at the board meeting where people can make public comments on the budget.  

    You can view the different budget presentations that took place this year here: https://www.beaconk12.org/Page/1572

    The budget vote is on Tuesday, May 17.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    The Foundation for Beacon Schools Film Fest is on May 14 at 6:30 at Beacon High School.   You will be able to see 75 short student films that night!  You can purchase tickets here: https://bcsdfilmfest.brownpapertickets.com/

    Strategic Planning Update

    The Strategic Planning steering committee is meeting one more time in a couple of weeks to review the survey data and decide on some next steps.  After we meet I will share what we have worked on so far this spring.

    COVID-19 Update

    Cases in the district this past week: 19

    Glenham - 1

    Sargent - 0

    JVF - 6

    RMS - 6

    BHS - 6

    South - 0

    If you need any COVID-19 test kits, please contact your school or me and we can get them to you!

    Have a great weekend!
    Matt Landahl

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