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  • 2019-2020 Athletic Award Winners!

    Varsity Girls Soccer

    All-Section, All-League and MVP: Analiese Compagnone

    All-League: Katelyn Rosa, Maddie Bobnick, Shianne Canada

    Coach's Award: Samantha McDowell & Carolina Foster

    (No JV Girls team)

    Varsity Boys Soccer

    All-Section, All-League and MVP: Carter Pedersen

    All-League and Most Improved: Shane Green

    All-Section: AJ Lucas, Warren Banks (HM)

    All-League: AJ Lucas, Warren Banks, Shane Green, Chase Green, Derek Bilyeu, Dillon Kelly, Alex Wyant, Javier Piguave

    Coach's Award: Finnian Costello

    JV Boys Soccer

    Coach's Award: Eddy Manente

    Most Improved: Jack Philipbar

    Varsity Volleyball 

    All-League & Coach's Award: Grace Affeldt

    Most Improved: Mia Scarchelli

    All Conference (HM), All-League & MVP: Tessa Nilsen

    JV Volleyball

    Coach's Award: Makkaila Caputo

    MVP: Tess Wills

    Varsity Wrestling

    ALL STATE Participant, All-Section, All-League & MVP: Chris Crawford

    All-League & Most Improved: Javon Dortch

    All-League: Angel Feliz & Louie Del Bianco

    Coach's Award: Danny Way

    Varsity Boys Swim 

    All-League & Coach's Award: David Paschal

    All-League & Most Improved: Lucas Vermeulen

    All-League & MVP: Stephen Quintero

    All-League: James Patino & David Reilly

    Varsity Girls Swim 

    All-League & Coach's Award: Saniyah Wiltshire

    All-League & Most Improved: Jolene Lagunda

    All-League & MVP: Meara Kumar

    All-League: Serena Jabar

    Varsity Girls Tennis

    All-League & Coach's Award: Maura Lane

    Most Improved: Emma Sandison

    All-League & MVP: JoAnna Galbo

    All-League: Kelly Murphy

    JV Girls Tennis

    Coach's Award: Lina Ahmed

    Most Improved:  Tamar Adams-Pinnock

    Varsity Boys Cross Country

    All-Section, All-League & MVP: Zach Cader

    Coach's Award: Stephen Schneider

    Most Improved: Aiden Tripaldi 

    All-League: Evan LaBelle, Stephen Schneider, Sal Migliore, Tony Ferrone, Ryan Liao

    Varsity Girls Cross Country

    All-League & MVP: Lauren Shanahan

    All-League: Kayla Lare

    Varsity Football

    Coach's Award: Liam Murphy

    All-League & Most Improved: George Pinkhardt

    All-Conference, All-League & MVP: Santino Negron

    All-Conference & All-League: Jason Komisar

    Varsity Cheerleading

    Coach's Award: Amaya Thompson (Fall) & Aaliyah Fretwell-Cross (Winter)

    Most Improved: Makayla Lesniak (Fall) & Natalee Reynolds (Winter)

    MVP: Aaliyah Fretwell-Cross (Fall) & Ivianna Cancel- Dickens (Winter)

    Varsity Girls Basketball

    All-League & Coach's Award: Annaliese Compagnone

    All-League & Most Improved: Dior Gillins

    All-League & MVP: Grace Affeldt

    Varsity Boys Basketball 

    Coach's Award: Tre Smith

    Most Improved: Ian Bautista

    All Section, All-Conference, All-County, All-League & MVP: Quazir Hayes

    All-League: Shane Green

    JV Boys Basketball

    Coach's Award: Gavin LaDue

    Most Improved: Simrat Mann

    Freshman Boys Basketball

    Coach's Award: Adrian Beato

    MVP: Darien Gillins

    Varsity Boys Winter Track

    All-League & Most Improved: Mark Guzman

    All-Section, All-State Participants, All-League, All-County & MVP's: Kaleb Istvan & Zach Cader

    All-League: Anthony Ferrone, Sal Migliore, Cleveland Wright, Stephen Schneider, Ryan Liao, Evan LaBelle, Jeremiah Vital, Braden Schetter, Jeremy Brinas

    Varsity Girls Winter Track

    All-League & Coach's Award: Sydney Kurtz

    All-League & Most Improved: Tamar Adams

    All-League & MVP: Nathalia Thomas

    Varsity Girls Bowling

    All-Section, All-League & MVP: Selena Virtuoso

    All-League & Coach's Award: Allison Bierce

    Varsity Boys Bowling

    All-League & MVP: Daniel Gilleo

    Coach's Award: William Hockler

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